Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Rampant, Redundant to Rudimentary

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adj- unrestrained; widespread

During the hot, dry summer, forest fires were rampant.


adj- more than what is necessary, repetition of words or ideas in speech or writing

Also used as: Redundancy (noun) ; redundantly (adv)

It would be redundant to say that the water was cold and frigid.


noun- the ability to control your emotions and actions, self-restraint

Also used as: Reserves (adj)

He appeared to be reserved, but on the inside, he was a tangle of emotions.


verb- give in; acquiesce; relinquish

Also used as: Resigned (adj) ; resignation (noun) ; resignedly (adv)

All of the roads were clogged with traffic, and Ellen resigned he signed herself to being late.


noun determination; strong will

Note: A new year՚s resolution is a promise that you are going to do something difficult, something that requires a great deal of determination.

Once Larry resolved to quit smoling he kicked the habit and never looked back.


noun- denial or contradiction; argument; refutation

Also used as: Rebut- verb

His rebuttal made her testimony seem implausible.


noun- having a clear relationship to the matter at hand

Also used as: Relevant (adj) ; relevance (noun)

A newspaper heading should have a clear relevancy to the article that follows it.


noun- a feeling of guilt; regret; self-reproach

Also used as: Remorseful (adj) ; remorsefully-adv

After the guilty verdict was read the defendant showed no remorse for what he՚d done.


verb- approve (by formal vote, for example) confirm

Also used as: Ratification – noun

Congress ratified the new law by an overwhelming majority.


verb- scolds; criticize

In addition to the fine was harshly reprimanded for running the red light.


adj- quiet; uncommunicative

He was normally a talkative biy, so his sudden reticence seemed to signal a problem.


adj- undeveloped; fundamental; elementary

Also used as: Rudiment- noun; rudimentarily- adv

Most of the people were inadequately clothed and living in rudimentary houses.