Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Sublime, Subtle to Sententious

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adj- of very special quality; noble

Also used as: Sublimely (adv)

Her paintings are simple, yet sublime.


adj- hard to see or understand; elusive

Also used as: Subtly- adv; subtlety- noun

The editor՚s changes were so subtle even the author didn՚t notice


noun- balance; having a similar appearance on all sides

Also used as: Symmetrical- adj

Rockets need to be symmetrical in order to fly.


adj- promoting health

Also used as: Salubrity- noun

For some people, a day of sailing can have a most salubrious effect.


adj- optimistic; cheerful

Also used as: Sanguineness- noun; sanguinely- adv

Her sanguine outlook was contagious and soon everyone was feeling hopeful.


adj- humorous, but humor tinged with sarcasm or disdain; cynical

Also used as: Sardonically- noun

The movie had a sardonic tone that while funny was also depressing.


adj- promoting health or having some beneficial effect


The salutary qualities of garlic have been known for centuries.


adj- very thorough; or doing what is right and ethical

Also used as: Scrupulousness- noun; scrupulously- adv

Rachel was scrupulous in her search thoroughly examining every book on the subject.


adj limited to the beliefs of a small group such as a religious sect; narrow in scope

Also used as: Sect- noun

Terry had big questions and needed to break free of the sectarian views of her childhood.


adj- trying to stir up a revolt against an authority figure

Also used as: Sedition- noun; sediitousaly- adv

Before and during the revolution many citizens were imprisoned for seditious activity.


adj- short and to the point; terse

Also used as: Sententiousness- noun; sententiously- adv

The memo was thoughtlessly sententious offering no explanation.