Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Servile, Skeptic to Sycophant

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adj- like a slave; subservient; submissive

Also used as: Servility- noun

He had no authority his role was a strictly servile one.


noun- one who doesn՚t believe unless he՚s shown absolute proof doubter

Also used as: Skepticism- noun; skeptical- adj; skeptically- adv

They all swore they saw a ghost, but the landlord remained skeptical.


verb- discard; cast off; shed

The old dog sloughed off a thick coating of dried mud then ran into the lake.


adj- dark; gloomy

Also used as: Somberness- noun; somberly- adv

The somber music told us something unpleasant was about to happen in the movie.


noun- a person who shown no response to pea sure or pain; someone who is impassive

Also used as: Stoic, stoical-adj; stoically- adv

Even during torture, he was a stoic and never responded.


verb- blocks; get in the way of; hamper

Also used as: Stymie- noun; stymied- adj

The mouse scampered around the maza but was stymied at every turn.


verb- take over; enslave

Also used as: Subjugation-noun

The subjugation of one group of by another is one of the horrors of human nature.


adj- short and to the point; concise

Also used as: Succinctly- adv; succinctness- noun

That five minute news shows have to be succinct.


noun assistance; relief

Also used as: Succor- verb

After the fire rescuers offered succor wherever possible.


adj- rich; magnificent

Also used as: Sumptuously-adv; sumptuousness- noun

Note: does not mean delicious.

The hotel lobby was so sumptuous, I knew instantly I couldn՚t afford a room.


adj; secret

Also used as: Surreptitiously- adv

As an investigative reporter, AI had to be surreptitious at times in order to get the facts.


noun- someone who flatters in order to gain favor, wimpy follower

Some political leaders surround themselves with sycophants who just agree with everything.