Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Tenuous, Timorous to Truculent

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adj- thin; flimsy

Also used as: Tenuousness- noun; tenuously- adv

With the volcano about to erupt, their chances of making it to safety were tenuous.


adj- afraid

Also used as: Timorousness- noun; timorously- adv

Connect with: Timid. But don՚t confuse timorous with temerity which means recklessness.

Too timorous to go to the door alone, the little boy waited for the other trick or theaters.


noun- a long and bitter speech; diatribe

After the team՚s ninth straight loss, the coach՚s tirade could be heard in the parking lot.


adj- sluggish; dull; lacking enthusiasm

Also used as: Torpor, torpidity- nouns; torpidly- adv

Note: insipid, torpid and vapid all end with “pid” and share the quality of dullness. When you see or hear one think of the other two. It will help you remember their meanings.

Sleep-deprived and depressed Grary slogged through each day in a torpid state.


noun- fear

Alone in the house at night for the first time ED was filled with trepidation.

Trite: adj- overused; common; stale

Also used as: Tritely-adv; triteness- noun

Phrases that were once fresh and original now seem trite and dull.


adj- aggressive; savages; cruel

Also used as: Truculence-noun

Pirates tend to be somewhat truculent.