Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Vestige, Validate to Vapid, Vilify

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noun- something left behind; a visible trace or evidence of something that has vanished

Note: vestige is often used to refer to minor organs in the human body whose functions are not known.

The last vestiges of winter melted away today.


verb- confirm; corroborate; support; sanction

Also used as: Valid (adj) ; validity, validation (nouns)

Ellen felt validated when the company took a chance and supported her idea.


adj- having many talents or uses

Also used as: Versatility (noun)

Most small companies value versatility- they can՚t afford a different person for every task.


adj- capable of evaporating, exploding, or changing moods very quickly

The judge had a volatile temper, so the lawyers were on their best behavior.


noun- a farewell speech

Also used as: Valediction, valedictorian (nouns)

The generals valedictory to his departing troops was an emotional one.


adj- very talkative; loquacious

Also used as: Verboseness, verbosity (nouns)

The verbose women at the next table were giving us a headache.


adj- poisonous or destructive; filled with hate or anger; harsh

Also used as: Virulence- noun; virulently- adv

An extremely virulent strain of flu virus swept across the country.


adj- resistant to flow, like a very thick liquid; or sticky

Also used as: Viscosity- noun

High viscosity oil is used to protect engines.


adj- comfortable with speech; always ready to talk

Also used as: Volubility- noun; volubly- adv

A politician must have a voluble personality, especially when campaigning.


verb- move back and forth between choices, unable to decide.

Also used as: Vacillation- noun

Ted vacillated so long about what to order that the restaurant closed.


noun- truthfulness; authenticity

The skeptical selective doubted the veracity of the suspect՚s alibi.


adj- empty; stupid; purposeless

Also used as: Vacuousness, vacuity- noun; vacuously- adv

Barbara՚s vacuous comments irritated the teacher because they wasted time.


noun- homeless person; wanderer

Also used as: Vagrant-adj; vagrantly- adv; vagrancy- noun

He had the soul of a vagrant and loved to wander from place to place.


adj- dull; boring; lacking flavor or spark

Also used as: Vapidity, vapidness- nouns; vapidly- adv.

The show was trite and vapid so naturally it was a big hit.


verb- defame: attack someone՚s reputation

Also used as: Vilification- noun

He was so vilified in the press that his reputation never recovered.