Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Wax, Waive to Wastrel, Wizened

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verb- grow gradually larger

Also used as: Wane (verb) . The moon waxes (gets larger) and wanes (gets smaller) each month.

His confidence waxed with each success.


verb- to voluntarily abandon a legal right or privilege; relinquish; postpone, waiver- to get discount

Also used as: Waiver- noun

Lew waived his right to an attorney and defended himself.


verb- grow gradually smaller

Also used as: Wax- verb

With her strength waning, she grabbed the rope just in time.


adj- excessive; uncontrolled; lustful

Also used as: Wantonness- noun

Their wanton behavior was widely condemned.


verb- dry out; shrivel up; lose life or energy

Also used as: Withered- adj

He withered in the hot desert sun.


adj- justified; authorized

Also used as: Warrant- noun; warrant- verb

Despite the coach՚s protests, the referees agreed that the penalty was warranted.


noun- person who wastes his money or resources

he՚s just a wastrel on the waste trail of life.

A wastrel shouldn՚t complain about what he՚s lost.


adj- old and wrinkled; withered

Her face was wizened not from age but from her experiences.