Broadband and Baseband Transmission for RRB JE 2020

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Broadband and Base-Band Transmission: Definition and Characteristics (Computer Science)

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  1. Definition of Baseband Transmission

  2. Characteristics of Baseband Transmission

  3. Advantages and disadvantages of Baseband Transmission

  4. Definition of Broadband Transmission

  5. Characteristics of Broadband Transmission

  6. Advantages and disadvantages of Broadband Transmission

Baseband Transmission

  1. Each Signal will use the entire bandwidth of channel to send the data.

  2. Image of Baseband Transmission

    Image of Baseband Transmission

Digital Signals are used

  1. 3. It can be used for Short distances

  2. 4. It uses bidirectional transmission of data

  3. 5. Frequency division multiplexing is not possible

  4. 6. It works mostly with linear bus topology

  5. 7. It uses Manchester or Differential encoding scheme

  6. 8. It offers bandwidth of 1 to 5 Mbps, with 20 to 30 channels.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Baseband Transmission


  • Simple structure

  • Low cost installation

  • Ease of installation

  • Maintenance is easy


  • Limited distance

  • It can be used for only data and voice

  • Short coverage and limited range

Broadband Transmission

  1. Many signals with various frequencies can be transmitted simultaneously

  2. Analog signals are used in broadband transmission of data

Image of Broadband Transmission

Image of Broadband Transmission

3. It can be used for long distance transmission

4. It uses uni-directional transmission

5. Frequency division multiplexing is possible

6. It can used with both tree and bus topology

7. PSK i.e. Phase Shift Keying encoding scheme is used

8. It offers maximum bandwidth of 1 to 100 Mbps

Advantages and Disadvantages of Broadband Transmission


  • Data, voice and video all can be supported

  • It offers greater bandwidth


  • Cabling is complex

  • Maintenance is a major task

  • High Monetary is needed for installation

  • High Cost


Q1. Unidirectional transmission of data is possible in which transmission?


  1. PSK Transmission

  2. Broadband Transmission

  3. Baseband Transmission

  4. Cabling Transmission

Ans: 2.

Q2. If a local Ethernet network has to be created then which of the following transmission can be best suited for this?


  1. Broadband Transmission

  2. Baseband Transmission

  3. Direction Transmission

  4. Workstation Transmission

Ans: 2.

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