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  • Definition of Computer Network

  • Classification on Computer Network

  • LAN and Its Merits & Demerits

  • MAN and Its Merits & Demerits

  • WAN and Its Merits & Demerits

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Definition of Computer Network

  • Computer Network means that collection of computers that share various resources and provide services to the users.

  • It is a interconnection of two or more computers.

  • It may be of different types depending upon the requirement.

Applications of Computer Network

  • Sharing of resources like printers.

  • Exchange of messages and data

  • Communication between computers

Classification of Computer Network

Network types

Network Types


  • LAN stands for Local Area Network

  • It is usually private owned interconnection of computer

  • The hardware and software can be shared among the resources or computers

  • LAN is best suited for Campus Networking of Offices and Schools or any single building also

  • It has data rates in the 4 to 16 Mbit/s range

  • It can offer speed upto 1000Mbit/s

Merits & Demerits of LAN


  • Sharing of databases, information and other network services.

  • Cost reduction


  • Security measures are needed

  • If server goes down, entire network will go down

  • Network has to be maintained by technical experts.

Supported Topologies in LAN Are

  • Bus

  • Ring

  • Star

Software can be centrally stored and can be used among the various workstations, where ever required.


  • MAN stands for Metropolitan Area Network

  • It may be wholly owned and operated by a private company

  • This type of network can be expanded in entire city

  • It is highly beneficial in case of cabling of television network

Merits & Demerits of MAN


  • Dual Bus can be used in MAN that helps in two direction communication

  • It can cover many blocks of city or entire city.

  • It offers 100Km range in approx


  • More cabling is required

  • Security Issues are complex to handle


  • WAN stands for Wide Area Network

  • It is useful in case of long distance transmission of data, images.

  • It can also be used for long distance videos and audio data transmission from one location to another.

  • It offers coverage beyond 100 Km.

Merits & Demerits of WAN


  • Covers large geographical area

  • Messages or any information can be sent very quickly to the connected network


  • Need a very strong firewall

  • Needs technical experts and supervisors for maintenance

Security is a major concern


Q1. A local area network using wireless technology is termed as:




C. Wireless local area network

D. All of these

Answer : D

Q2. If a network has to be established in a office, which is a three storey building, which of the network will be best suitable for this?






Answer : A

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