Minerals and Weathering: Primary and Secondary Minerals, Physical and Chemical Weathering

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naturally occurring homogeneous element or an inorganic compound that has definite chemical composition and a characteristic geometric form

Minerals Are of Two Types

  • Primary minerals

  • Secondary minerals

Primary Minerals

From crystallization of molten magma

Primary minerals

Primary Minerals

Secondary Minerals

Formed on earth’s surface by weathering of the existing primary minerals under pressure and temperature

Secondary minerals

Secondary Minerals

Physical Weathering

Rocks are disintegrated, that is broken down into small pieces

  • Physical condition of the rock

  • Changes in temperature

  • Action of water

  • Action of wind and sand blast

  • Atmospheric electrified phenomena

Chemical Weathering

Transformation of original material into new compounds

  • Hydration

  • Hydrolysis

  • Solution

  • Carbonation

  • Oxidation and Reduction

Biological Weathering

  • *Living and biological agents cause decomposition and disintegration

  • *By bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes

Resistance of Sand And Silt Size Minerals Is Given ByQuartz> Muscovite, Potassium Feldspar> Na And Ca Feldspar, Biotite, Hornblende And Augite> Olevine> Dolomite And Calcite> Gypsum

Bowen's Reaction Series

Bowen's Reaction Series

Multiple Choice Questions

1. . Which among the following minerals does not contain iron?a) Olevineb) Pyroxenec) Hornblended) AnorthiteAnswer: d

2. Which among the following is a type of physical weathering?a) Hydrolysisb) Action of waterc) Action of bacteriad) None of the aboveAnswer: b

3. Which among the following is first to crystallize when molten magma cools?a) Olivineb) Pyroxenec) Hornblended) QuartzAnswer: a4. Which among the following has least resistance?a) quartzb) Biotitec) Gypsumd) TalcAnswer: d

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