Comprehensive Articles for Doing and Publishing Great Research (Step-by-Step)- from Writing Hypothesis, Data Collection, Analysis to Publishing

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Consultation on Publishing a Good Research Paper with Dr. Manishika Jain

Program includes following services:

  • Selecting the right journal/conference based on impact factor.

  • Finding the right topic and data to ensure selection of your paper.

  • Guidance on writing style- paper writing is different from answer writing.

  • Organizing content so that it adheres to word limits and still covers all important aspects.

  • Adding figures, diagrams, and charts to support your paper.

  • Finding and quoting right references

Fees: 1000 Rs. See payment details below

30 Min Phone/Video Consultation with Dr. Manishika Jain

30 Min Phone/Video Consultation with Dr. Jain on topic of your choice.

Fees: 500 Rs. See payment details below

Writing Research Proposal with Dr. Manishika Jain

Following services are included to successfully complete and defend your research proposal/synopsis. You can subscribe for services separately as indicated in table below of register for complete package.

Table Supporting: WritingResearchProposalwithDrManishikaJain



Access to 5 specialized exclusive lectures (30 min each) to get you started.

Rs. 500

Mock interview to defend your synopsis including personalized mock presentation.

Rs. 1000

Finding right research topic based on your area of interest and available openings.

Rs. 4000

Developing and wording hypothesis.

Choosing data collection sources.

Guidance on writing style- note that research writing is different from answer writing.

Organizing content for your synopsis and assuring it is right length and covers all-important aspects of proposal.

Making sure your proposal does not get stuck in plagiarism check and has correct grammar.

Finding and quoting right references.

Total (all above services included)

Rs. 4495

How to Register?

Fees can be paid by making a transfer to UPI wwwdoorsteptutor@okaxis. Once you are done making the payment, send an email to or call us on +91-999-800-8851 to complete your order.


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