Several programs are available at Examrace to help the researchers. Choose a program, register for it and send us a SMS. We will send you the registration confirmation and next steps.

Consultation on Publishing a Good Research Paper with Dr. Manishika Jain

Program includes following services:

  • Selecting the right journal/conference based on impact factor.
  • Finding the right topic and data to ensure selection of your paper.
  • Guidance on writing style- paper writing is different from answer writing.
  • Organizing content so that it adheres to word limits and still covers all important aspects.
  • Adding figures, diagrams, and charts to support your paper.
  • Finding and quoting right references

Fees: 1000 ₹ See payment details below

30 Min Phone/Video Consultation with Dr. Manishika Jain

30 Min Phone/Video Consultation with Dr. Jain on topic of your choice.

Fees: 500 ₹ See payment details below

Writing Research Proposal with Dr. Manishika Jain

Following services are included to successfully complete and defend your research proposal/synopsis. You can subscribe for services separately as indicated in table below of register for complete package.

Table Supporting: Writing_Research_Proposal_with_Dr_Manishika_Jain
Access to 5 specialized exclusive lectures (30 min each) to get you started.₹ 500
Mock interview to defend your synopsis including personalized mock presentation.₹ 1000
Finding right research topic based on your area of interest and available openings.₹ 4000
Developing and wording hypothesis.
Choosing data collection sources.
Guidance on writing style- note that research writing is different from answer writing.
Organizing content for your synopsis and assuring it is right length and covers all-important aspects of proposal.
Making sure your proposal does not get stuck in plagiarism check and has correct grammar.
Finding and quoting right references.
Total (all above services included)₹ 4495

How to Register?

Fees can be paid by making a transfer to UPI wwwdoorsteptutor@okaxis. Once done making the payment contact us at:

Contact: 📞 +91-999-800-8851 (also WhatsApp & Signal), 📧


Contact: 📞 +91-999-800-8851 (also WhatsApp & Signal), 📧