SAT Test Taking Tips-10 Easy Solutions to Success

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  1. First answer the easy questions, mark the difficult ones for later review, but be sure that you mark the number of questions that you are leaving for now and will be doing later on, otherwise you will waste a lot of time in revising the questions.
  2. Make a smart guess, try out the method of elimination if you want to make a guess
  3. Do a lot of scratch work at SAT test book-write points and do calculations
  4. Time is the key, don't set loose of the time while answers the questions. Don't spend too much time on one question.
  5. Check out the extreme words like “never” “except” “only” “always” and so on:
  6. If you are unable to identify a single wrong choice it is best to leave that question blank or unanswered. Getting a zero for blank answer is better than getting negative marks for incorrect answers.
  7. Don't rush! It's good to answer few questions but correctly rather than solving all questions with lots and lots of incorrect answers.
  8. Mostly the questions are arranged from easy to tough in all sections except critical reading. You can choose your own order of difficulty in which you which to answer the questions.
  9. Don't second guess yourself. Statistically it is established that first answer choice is generally correct. Do not go back through the test and change your answers. Your first intuition will be correct.
  10. Left with sufficient time-review, review and revise the questions that you have attempted to ignore and rule out silly mistakes.

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