Devising SAT Study Plan

Get top class preparation for SAT right from your home: get questions, notes, tests, video lectures and more- for all subjects of SAT.

  • Have a Study Plan-Choose a test date and register. it՚s easy online at: SAT Official Website.
  • Have date in hand-Set up a study schedule which is realistic
  • don՚t just put everything for weekends-atleast study 1 hour daily after applying for Exam
  • Blue SAT Official Guide is a must-Get from amazon or any other retail shop
  • Create SAT Notebook with Formula sheet and Vocab sheet for tough vocabulary and critical formulas in math.
  • Compare and contrast various strategies for each question-new strategies might slow you first but later on improve your results
  • Practice gives you extra confidence to perform well in exam
  • Add practice test time to your schedule slowly and gradually once you are done with it
  • Review, review and review and revise
  • Develop a positive mental attitude
  • There might be lot of questions wrong at first, but the more you review your incorrect answers and understand the logic, the better you՚ll get.
  • SAT is like a marathon, so have patience and work hard. Practice will increase your performance and positive result very quickly.

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