Interpreting SAT Score

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After SAT exam-you receive an official SAT report after 5 weeks

For online registration-SAT report is available online as well only if you have active College Board online account

If you want a paper score you will have to register for the same

Official report includes raw score, scaled score, and percentile score in all three scores for each section: Math, writing, and critical reading.

Calculation for Raw Score for the SAT՚s five-choice MCQs:+ 1 for each correct answer, for each incorrect answer and 0 for questions left blank (For student-produced response questions, it is + 1 for each correct answer and 0 for each blank or incorrect answer.) .

Calculation of Scaled Score: Raw score is put through a special scoring formula to arrive at the scaled score. The lowest possible scaled score on the SAT is 600 (or 200 per section) -even for those who just sit for exam and highest possible scaled score is 2400 (or 800 per section) . Raw scores for the MCQ writing section are converted to scaled scores that are reported on a 20 to 80 scale. Essay is graded by two readers, who each assign a score from 1 to 6. The two essay scores are added to give a raw essay score ranging from 2 to 12. Essay score along with writing MCQs are then combined to get a scaled score on the 200-to-800 scale.

Calculation of Percentile Score: Percentiles for the SAT varies every year. Percentiles implies comparison of groups of students every year. If you score in the 68th percentile on the math section it implies that you did better than almost 68 % of your state՚s college-bound seniors the year prior. Percentile score for the total group of test-takers and for your state are given.

First four score reports are free by College Board. When you apply for exam, you can assign colleges to receive your scores automatically. Unless you have a deadline that is very near, you may want to wait until you have received your score and then send it to the schools directly.

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