SAT Exam-Things to Know

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Preparing for the SAT is a bit stressful for any student. The only way that you can be fully prepared is to study until it hurts. However, there are a few other SAT preparation tips that can help you to excel the test (Please keep in mind that: Some of these tips may seem simple, but on test day people tend to get nervous and forget the basics) .

SAT Test Centers-Things You Must Know

  1. Know your Test Center
  2. Know the time to reach the test center
  3. Reach 30 minutes before the examination
  4. Check in before Examination
  5. Bring your SAT admission ticket
  6. Bring your photo ID

Common Mistakes at SAT Exam

  1. Getting lost on the way to the SAT Test Center.
  2. Coming late to the SAT Test Center.
  3. Drinking too much right before taking the SAT.

What to Do Before Taking the SAT

  1. Have a sound night sleep
  2. Spend time to rest and relax your brain
  3. Feel energized by morning
  4. Take a good breakfast
  5. don՚t overload your tummy and feel drowsy at Exam center

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