SAT Examination 2021 FAQs

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  1. What does the SAT stand for?

    • SAT stands for the Scholastic Aptitude Test. However in the year 1993, the test was partitioned in two divisions i.e. … The SAT I: Reasoning Test and the SAT II: Subject Tests. The Sat II was earlier known as achievments test. Now SAT is used to refer to the SAT I: Reasoning Test.
  2. Who administers the SAT?
    • The Sat is managed and administered by “College Entrance Examination Board” on behalf of ETS (Education Testing Services) .
  3. Are all SAT questions multiple-choice?

    • The SAT test is objective type test. Hence all of the SAT questions are multiple-choice except for 10 student-produced response math questions. The answers for these 10 questions have to filled in using a special section of the answer sheet. Click here for any Query
  4. How many times can you take the test?

    • It is upto you to decide how many times you want to appear for the exam. You can give the exam as many times as you want. Your report card will display your current test score, plus scores for up to six SAT and six Subject Test administration dates. SAT is held about 6 − 7 times a year.
  5. Can I register for the first time by phone?

    • First time registration is not possible through phone as telephone re-registration is automated, so previous record is required to process the registration request.
  6. How can I guarantee that I՚ll get my first choice of a test center when I register?

    • Test center assignment is done on a “first come, first served” basis. So you can register as early as possible and get a centre of your choice. The major advantage here is that you can register in advance for any test date during the year, not just the next scheduled date. You can also register online for the following year՚s test dates beginning in May.

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