Subject Tips to Score in SAT

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In the question, when you՚re asked to complete a sentence, look at each answer and fill them in to see which ones make the most sense. Regarding the reading comprehension questions, first focus on the crux of the passage to find the core ideas. The questions will often give hints about where in the passage to look for the answers, which can save the time.


Follow the ACT tips mentioned above regarding the essay portion. For MCQs, the clearest expression of an idea is correct.


Follow the ACT tips mentioned above regarding the MCQs problems. For grid-in questions, Keep in mind that you cannot have a negative answer and that you can put your numbers in any of the boxes as long as they are in the right order. Also, be sure to guess if you don՚t know the answer to a grid-in question. Also note that, negative marking is not there for the incorrect answers on grid-ins.

Essential Tips

You can use test booklet as scratch paper to write down the main points or draw charts/figures.

You should also use it to note which questions you have left out and need to go back to:

Negative marking will be there in the SAT for wrong guesses, at the rate of- point per incorrect guess (You will lose- point for the quantitative section, but nothing is deducted for incorrect grid-in answers) .

Try to eliminate more answer choices and you have higher chances to guess the correct answer.