10 Tips for SAT for Year 2022

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Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) is a standardized test which is use for collage addition in the United Sates. Some simple tips to crack SAT:

1. Practice Reading Boring Content Most

  • Students can՚t continue with the boring topics or passage that College Board knows so that just for that you have to pay more.
  • If you want to score higher so it՚s important things don՚t ignore any things which are covered in syllabus.

2. Take a Timed Practice Test and Review That Practice Exam Carefully

  • don՚t be confident for your preparation until you attained any practice test.
  • Because if you are attending SAT for the first time then it is possible you are not friendly with the exam structure so it is more preferable to attend practice test which are easily available on internet and review it strictly.

3. Do Practices of Every Subject Particularly Proportions

  • Math is one of the hardest sections in any exam so most students lose points on the SAT by underestimating the arithmetic questions in the math.
  • Proportions are a particularly helpful principle on this exam.

4. Don՚t Answer Every Question

  • Avoid answering every question.
  • Because most of the students don՚t know about the SAT guessing penalty.
  • It is better to live some questions blank.
  • And answer only if you can get their answer choices to a 50/50 on the multiple choice sections.
  • If they can՚t, odds are they should leave the question blank.

5. Do High-Quality Practice but Avoid Low-Quality Materials

  • SAT is high quality test so its material should have to be properly sectioned and also included each and every topics of syllabus.
  • So choose material according to it and if possible join classes for best preparation.
  • And because it is international test its level is also higher so if you want to clear this you should have to practice as best as you can do because “Practice makes man perfect”

6. Accepts Your Mistakes

  • Every mistake you make on a test happens for a reason.
  • If you don՚t understand exactly why you missed that question, you will make that mistake over and over again.
  • If you՚re performing at the 32 level, you՚re missing around 10 % of the questions.
  • This means you have some consistent errors that are holding back your score.
  • Here are some tips which you have to implement:
  • on every practice test or question set that you take, mark every question that you՚re even 20 % unsure about
  • When you grade your test or quiz, review every single question that you marked, and every incorrect question. So that even if you guessed a question correctly, you՚ll make sure to review it.
  • Write down the point of the question, why you missed it, and what you՚ll do to avoid that mistake in the future.

7. Examine Your Weaknesses, and Try to Perfection Them

  • When you attend demo test collect your mistakes in a notebook, and form it you will surely find your weaknesses.
  • This might be a content area - like problems with math circle problems, or a specific grammar rule. Or it might be a personal habit of yours, like misreading the passage or eliminating the wrong answer.
  • Focusing on your weaknesses is important because you have a limited amount of time to study, and you need to spend that time on the areas that will get you the biggest score improvement.

8. Don՚t be Careless

  • When you are attending the test then avoid you careless attitude because it will be affect in your result
  • for example:
  • If you know any answer and you are sure about it still you might mistake in such quotation so be careful and check every single answer twice.
  • SAT examination mostly contains tricky questions so you might find the area of the square, but the question actually asks for the perimeter.
  • And to avoid this kinds of mistake habituate to underline what the question asks you to solve for.
  • don՚t stop your work until you solve for the correct thing.

9. Time Management

  • Time management is the most significant thing to keep in mind whenever you are preparing for any kind of exams.
  • When you are preparing for SAT make sure you have made a TIME TABLE for your preparation which will include each and every sections of syllabus and also include your practice test and revision.

10. How to Attend Exam

  • Divide you time for each questions spend more time on tricky questions but do no spend that much of time that you can՚t attain other questions.
  • If you have attended demo test then you have surely get ideal about how much time you have to spend on which section.