Using Calculators and Tips to Use

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Usually all questions can be solved even without calculators

Still if calculators are required, only those that are given in the list approved by College Board will be allowed.

Calculators are allowed only in the mathematical section and not during critical reading and writing.

Some questions on the Mathematics Level 1 and Level 2 Subject Tests cannot be solved without a scientific or graphing calculator.

It is recommended that test takers use graphing calculator rather than a scientific calculator.

For subject SAT: Calculators may only be used on the Mathematics Subject Tests. You may not use a calculator for other SAT Subject Tests and must put it away when not taking a mathematics test.

Calculators are not available at test center-so bring along even if you feel that you don՚t need one

A good practice in advance will rule out the need to use a calculator

Questions on tedious calculations are usually not asked in SAT Examination

Sophisticated calculators are not allowed in the test center

Bring a calculator in working condition, sharing at Test center is strictly prohibited.

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