What is Makeup Testing?

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If your center is unable to open on test day or if a misadministration or irregularity occurs, a makeup test may be scheduled, and you will be notified by the SAT Program.

Policies to Apply for Makeup Testing

  • Only registered students can take a makeup test. Students who have already tested during the same administration may not use a makeup administration to retest or to take a different SAT Program test.
  • Updated ticket must be brought to the center for makeup testing by accessing your online account and printing a new, updated ticket with the makeup information noted on it.
  • Make up test is allowed only at the center that you are registered or authorized.
  • Only the test that you registered to take on the original date can be taken.
  • Complete SAT or Subject Test at a makeup administration must be taken and you cannot take partial test.
  • Sunday testing is available for religious reasons only. Those missing on Saturday cannot take the test on Sunday.
  • Question-and-Answer Service is not offered for makeup tests even if QAS was available for the original test date.
  • College board has the sole discretion on the availability of makeup testing and the conditions under which test-takers are entitled to take a makeup test.
  • Use your online essay image from a makeup administration will not be available until several weeks after the makeup date.

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