SAT: Word List: Vocabulary L

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Word List: L

  • labyrinthine: To entangle the state of affairs
  • lachrymose: Causing tears, tearful
  • lackluster: (of eyes) dull
  • laconic: Brief, to the point, terse
  • lag: Go too slow
  • lament: Show, feel great sorrow
  • lassitude: Weariness, tiredness
  • latent: Present but not yet active, developed or visible
  • laudatory: Expressing or giving praise
  • lavish: Giving or producing freely, liberally or generously
  • leakage: The process of leaking
  • legacy: Smth handed down from ancestors
  • libel: Statement that damages reputation
  • liberality: Free giving; generosity
  • libertine: Immoral person
  • lien: Legal claim until a debt on it is repaid
  • limn: Paint, portray
  • limp: Lacking strength, walking unevenly
  • lithe: Bending, twisting
  • loll: Rest, to sit or stand in a lazy way; hang (dog's tongue)
  • loquacious: Talkative, garrulous
  • lubricant: Substance that makes work easier
  • lubricate: Put oil to make work easily
  • lubricious: Lewd, wanton, greasy, slippery
  • lucubrate: Write in scholarly fashion
  • luculent: Easily understood, lucid, clear
  • lugubrious: Mournful, excessively sad
  • lull: Become quiet or less active
  • luminary: Star, light-giving body
  • lustrous: Being bright, polished
  • lachrymose: Given to shedding tears.
  • lackadaisical: Listless.
  • languid: Relaxed.
  • lascivious: Lustful.
  • lassitude: Lack of vitality or energy.
  • latent: Dormant.
  • laudable: Praiseworthy.
  • laudatory: Pertaining to, expressing, or containing praise. Legacy: A bequest.
  • levee: An embankment beside a river or stream or an arm of the sea, to prevent overflow. Levity: Frivolity. Lexicon: A dictionary.
  • libel: Defamation. Licentious: Wanton.
  • lien: A legal claim or hold on property, as security for a debt or charge. Listless: Inattentive. Lithe: Supple. Lustrous: Shining.

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