SAT: Word List: Vocabulary O

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Word List: O

  • obdurate: Hardened and unrepenting; stubborn, inflexible
  • obfuscate: To darken, make obscure, muddle
  • oblivious: Unaware, having no memory
  • obloquy: Abusively detractive language, sharp criticism, vituperation
  • obsequious: Too eager to obey or serve
  • obsolete: No longer used
  • obstreperous: Noisy, loud
  • obtain: To be established, accepted, or customary
  • obtrusive: Projecting, prominent, undesirably noticeable
  • obviate: To make unnecessary, get rid of
  • occluded: Blocked up
  • occult: Hidden, concealed, beyond comprehension
  • odious: Repulsive, hateful
  • odium: Contempt, dislike, aversion
  • odor: Smell; favor; reputation
  • officious: Too eager or ready to help, offer advice
  • onerous-needing effort, burdensome
  • opprobrious: Showing scorn or reproach
  • ossify: To turn to bone; to settle rigidly into an idea
  • ostensible-seeming, appearing as such, professed
  • ostentation: Display to obtain admiration or envy
  • ostentatious: Fond of showing ostentation
  • ostracism: Shut out from society, refuse to meet, talk
  • ostrich: Fast-running bird unable to fly
  • outset: Start
  • overhaul-examine thoroughly to learn about the condition
  • overweening: Presumptuously arrogant, overbearing, immoderate, being a jerk
  • overwhelm: Weigh down, submerge
  • obdurate: Impassive to feelings of humanity or pity. Obfuscate: To darken; to obscure. Oblique: Slanting; said of lines.
  • obtrusive: Tending to be pushed or to push oneself into undue prominence. Obviate: To clear away or provide for, as an objection or difficulty. Odious: Hateful.
  • odium: A feeling of extreme repugnance, or of dislike and disgust.
  • officious: Intermeddling with what is not one's concern.
  • ominous: Portentous.
  • onerous: Burdensome or oppressive.
  • onus: A burden or responsibility.
  • opprobrium: The state of being scornfully reproached or accused of evil. Ossify: To convert into bone.
  • ostentation: A display dictated by vanity and intended to invite applause or flattery. Ostracism: Exclusion from intercourse or favor, as in society or politics. Ostracize: To exclude from public or private favor.

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