SAT: Word List: Vocabulary W

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Word List: W

  • waft: Scent, waving movement; carry lightly through
  • wag: Merry person
  • wage: Payment, carry on, engage in (war)
  • warmonger-person who stirs up war
  • warp: Become bent
  • warrant: Authority, written order, guarantee
  • wary: Cautious
  • wean: To transfer (the young) from dependence on mother's milk to another form of nourishment
  • weave: Make (threads) into cloth
  • weigh: Measure hoe heavy smth is
  • welter: Turmoil; a bewildering jumble
  • wend: To go, proceed
  • whimsical: Full of odd and fanciful ideas
  • wince: Show bodily or mental pain
  • woo: Try to win

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