Vocabulary Word Meanings: From Innovation, Insolvent to Infer

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Meaning: A new idea or product; a new way of doing something that is so much better, it causes other to copy it

Also used as: Innovation (adj); innovate (verb)

Usage example: the twentieth century was the richest period of innovation in history.


Meaning: adj- unable to pay bills; bankrupt

Other form: insolvency (noun)

Example: Morale was low among the works, because they knew the company was facing insolvency


verb- weaken in strength or value

Also used as: Impairment (noun); impaired (adj)

Ed’s concentration was impaired by alcohol.


verb- turns upside down or inside out, reverses position

Also used as: Inversion (noun); inverted and invertible (adj)

The printer accidentally inverted the image on the poster.


verb- begin; induct into

Also used as: Inauguration (noun); inaugural (adj)

The President of the United States is inaugurated on January 20 following Election Day.


adj- located within the very nature of an object or person, inherent

Also used as: Intrinsically (adv)

Clean water has intrinsic value, while antique cars have market value.


adj- continuous; endless

Also used as: Incessantly (adv); incessancy (noun)

The incessant buzzing of mosquitoes drove us crazy.


adj- out of place

Also used as: Incongruity (noun); incongruously (adv)

A tuxedo would be incongruous at the beach.


adj – incapable of existing together in peace

Also used as: Incompatibility (noun); incompatibly (adv)

Very often, two male animals are incompatible.


verb- cause to happen; bring about

Also used as: Inducement (noun); inducible (adj)

He was a persuasive salesman and could induce his customers to buy almost anything.


adj – lacking movement; inactive; sluggish

Also used as: Inertness, inertia (noun); inertly (adv)

The Dark Ages are typically portrayed as a time of cultural inertness


verb- to figure out, based on given information; conclude; deduce

Also used as: Inference (noun); inferential (adj)

Note: infer doesn’t mean to imply or to suggest. When you infer something, you take in information.

We can infer from his casual dress that he didn’t read the invitation carefully.

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