SAT: Grammar Sentence Correction (Practice_Test 9 of 10)

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  1. Quebec rises in a magnificent way above the St. Lawrence River.

    1. rises in a magnificent way above

    2. rises in a magnificent way, way above

    3. rises magnificently above

    4. rises magnificently way above

    5. is raised in a magnificent way above

    Answer: c

  2. Someone gives the school gerbils every year.

    1. Someone gives the school gerbils

    2. Some one gives the school gerbils

    3. Some one gives the School gerbils

    4. There is a person that gives the school gerbils

    5. An individual gave gerbils

    Answer: a

  3. During Colonial days, a school room looked rather empty.

    1. Colonial days, a school room looked

    2. Colonial days, a schoolroom looked

    3. Colonial Days, a schoolroom looked

    4. Colonial Days; a school room looked

    5. Colonial days-a schoolroom looked

    Answer: b

  4. The helium-filled balloon rose in the air.

    1. rose in the air.

    2. was rising in the air.

    3. was in the air.

    4. rose into the air.

    5. would rise in the air.

    Answer: d

  5. If I had the address, I would have delivered the package myself.

    1. had the address

    2. had the address

    3. had the address-

    4. had had the address

    5. had had the address

    Answer: e

  6. Do you know that these gloves have lay on the bureau all week?

    1. have lay on

    2. have laid on

    3. would lie on

    4. had laid on

    5. have lain on

    Answer: e

  7. If I would have known about the team tryouts, I would have signed up for them.

    1. would have known

    2. would had known

    3. could of known

    4. had been told

    5. could have been told

    Answer: a

  8. If he would have revised his first draft, he would have received a better grade.

    1. would have revised

    2. had revised

    3. could of revised

    4. had of revised

    5. would revise

    Answer: b

  9. Valarie claims that cats made the best pets.

    1. made the best pets.

    2. could be the best pets.

    3. are the best pets.

    4. make of the best pets

    5. make the best pets.

    Answer: e

  10. By next month Ms. Jones will be Mayor of Tallahassee for two years.

    1. will be Mayor of Tallahassee

    2. will have been Mayor of Tallahassee

    3. will be mayor of Tallahassee

    4. will have been mayor of Tallahassee

    5. could have been mayor of Tallahassee

    Answer: d

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