Sentence Flow: Practice Questions SAT

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  1. The president has a _____ of ______ around him when he makes public appearances.

    1. Catalyst, Individuals

    2. Barrier, Contrast

    3. Hedge, Protection

    4. Derrick, Protection

    5. Derrick, Limits

    Answer: c

  2. _____ of the rainbow were _____ against the bright blue sky.

    1. Textures, Clear

    2. Hues, Vivid

    3. Alabaster, Bright

    4. Line, Dark

    5. Hues, Dark

    Answer: b

  3. A small selection of terms was found at the back of the textbook. It was a

    1. Glossary

    2. Preface

    3. Diction

    4. Kefir

    5. Prefece

    Answer: a

  4. The horror movie frightened the children. It was

    1. Melancholy

    2. Dramatic

    3. Ghastly

    4. Tragedy

    5. Comedic

    Answer: c

  5. The kitten was soaked to the _____ from the ____.

    1. Skin, Abyss

    2. Skin, Craven

    3. Skin, Storm

    4. Hide, Abyss

    5. Hide, Storm

    Answer: c

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