SAT: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 13 of 31)

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  1. The candidate _____ when asked why he had left his last job; he did not want to admit that he had been ____.

    1. demurred-promoted

    2. confided-banned

    3. dissembled-dismissed

    4. rejoiced-wrong

    5. hesitated-lauded

  2. Tennyson was a well-loved poet; no other poet since has been so ____.

    1. lionized

    2. attacked

    3. decried

    4. poetical

    5. abhorred

  3. The parliamentary session degenerated into ____ with politicians hurling ____ at each other and refusing to come to order.

    1. mayhem-banter

    2. disarray-pleasantries

    3. tranquillity-invectives

    4. chaos-aphorisms

    5. anarchy-insults

  4. The admiral ____ his order to attack when he saw the white flag raised by the enemy sailors; he was relieved that he could bring an end to the ____.

    1. reiterated-hostilities

    2. countermanded-fighting

    3. commandeered-truce

    4. renounced-hiatus

    5. confirmed-aggression

  5. In a fit of ____ she threw out the valuable statue simply because it had belonged to her ex-husband.

    1. pique

    2. goodwill

    3. contrition

    4. pedantry

    5. prudence

  6. Many 17th century buildings that are still in existence have been so ____ by successive owners that the original layout is no longer ____.

    1. preserved-visible

    2. modified-apparent

    3. decimated-enshrouded

    4. salvaged-required

    5. neglected-appropriate

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