SAT: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 29 of 31)

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  1. It was difficult to interpret the expression on the professor's face when confronted with the suspicion that you copied your assignment, but his ____ demeanor does not justify your assumption that he ____ plagiarism.

    1. glacial-misunderstands

    2. inscrutable-condones

    3. open-abhors

    4. pleasant-confronts

    5. puzzling-practices

  2. Knowing that Moriarty was a ____ adversary, the cautious detective never underestimated his enemy's powers, and so, to ensure that he was not observed, took a ____ route to his secret rendezvous.

    1. redoubtable-circuitous

    2. cunning-elevated

    3. famous-well-known

    4. defeated-direct

    5. unsavory-quick

  3. The action committee collected enough funds to renovate the ____ station and refurbish the steam train so that local residents could get a flavor of ____ days of rail travel.

    1. razed-decrepit

    2. ancient-impoverished

    3. derelict-halcyon

    4. pristine-bygone

    5. unspoiled-glorious

  4. The fact that tourists are being offered an excursion to see the biggest slum in Asia and experience for themselves the ____ the lives of rich and the poor makes a ____ all our claims to be an advanced democratic nation.

    1. inequality of-display of

    2. disparity between-travesty of

    3. similarity in-mockery of

    4. proximity of-comment on

    5. futility of-statement about

  5. The participants at the conference were, by and large, a ____ collection of self-proclaimed revolutionaries and mavericks, but surprisingly included several ____ supporters of establishment.

    1. moth-eaten-temporary

    2. miserable-jovial

    3. curious-vacillating

    4. dull-boorish

    5. motley-staunch

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