SAT Questions and Answers Model Paper-6 Important Questions Section B

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Section - B

Time - 25 minutes

20 Questions

1. If and , what is the value of b?

(A) 3

(B) 4

(C) 5

(D) 6

(E) 7

2. Cliff earns $ 15 per hour for each that he works as a television salesperson plus an additional $ 10 for each television that he sells. Which of the following represents the amount Cliff earns, in dollars, if he sells televisions while working hours?






3. If each number in the list above were to be multiplied by , a new list would be formed consisting of the six products. How many of the six numbers on the new list would be negative numbers on the new list would be negative numbers?

(A) Two

(B) Three

(C) Four

(D) Five

(E) Six

4. The rectangular card pictured above has a black dot on one side, and the other side is blank. Which of the figures below could be obtained by rotating the card?

The Rectangular Card
Rotating the Card

(A) I only

(B) II only

(C) I and II only

(D) I and III only

(E) I, II, and III

5. On the number line below, which of the following is the best approximation of ?

The Best Approximation

(A) 2

(B) 3

(C) 3.5

(D) 4

(E) 4.5

6. In the figure below, line r is parallel to line s. If , what is the value of ?

Line R is Parallel to Line S

(A) 53

(B) 54

(C) 55

(D) 56

(E) 57

7. If 90 percent of Jaime՚s compact discs cost $ 15 each and if 10 percent of her compact discs cost $ 12 each, what is the average (arithmetic mean) cost per disc?

(A) $ 13.50

(B) $ 13.75

(C) $ 14.00

(D) $ 14.70

(E) $ 14.90

8. If and are positive integers, , and , which of the following could be the value of ?

(A) 1

(B) 3

(C) 5

(D) 6

(E) 8

9. If , what is the value of ?

(A) 1

(B) 5

(C) 10

(D) 50

(E) 100

10. In Ms. Murray՚s art class, one-third of the students have taken at least one previous art class; of those, one-third have taken two or more previous art classes. Which of the following circle graphs could represent Ms. Murray՚s class divided into 3 different groups: those who have taken two or more previous art classes, one previous art class, or no previous art class?

  1. Circle Graphs Could Represent
  2. Circle Graphs Could Represent
  3. Circle Graphs Could Represent
  4. Circle Graphs Could Represent
  5. Circle Graphs Could Represent

11. Three consecutive integers are such that two times the largest is three times the smallest. What is the smallest of these three integers?




(D) 4

(E) 6

12. Point lies in plane . How many circles are there in plane that have center and a circumference of inches?

(A) None

(B) One

(C) Two

(D) Four

(E) More than four

13. The table below gives the temperatures of five different mixtures at t seconds after the mixture formed. The temperature of which mixture falls greatest number of degrees during the period from to ?



The Temperatures of Five Different Mixtures
MixtureTemperature at t Seconds

(A) A

(B) B

(C) C

(D) D

(E) E

14. If P an integer of the following must true about ?

(A) It is odd.

(B) It is even.

(C) It is greater than 7.

(D) It is greater than p.

(E) It is divisible by 11.

15. If , then in terms of how much less than is ?






16. In the figure below, the circle has center O. If the measure of arc is , what is the value of ?

The Circle Has Center O

Note: Figure not drawn to scale.

(A) 28

(B) 34

(C) 56

(D) 62

(E) 68

17. If for all real values of , which of the following could be the function ?






18. How many different positive four-digit integers can be formed if the first digit must be 2, the last digit cannot be 0, and digits may be repeated?

(A) 336

(B) 900

(C) 1,000

(D) 9,000

(E) 10,000

19. If , what are all possible values of that satisfy the equation below?






20. Which of the following represents the area of the five-sided figure shown below?

The Area of the Five-Sided