SAT Practice Test Paper 1 Section D Questions and Answers Part 1

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Section - D

Time - 25 minutes

27 Questions

1. The professor՚s oldest colleague was selected to give the ________ at the funeral.

(A) Eulogy

(B) Elegy

(C) Epigraph

(D) Eponymy

(E) Epitaph

2. The new team member՚s ________ was an encouragement to the rest of the team, who had become ________ by the string of defeats.

(A) Enthusiasm. . Elated

(B) Vigor. . Inundated

(C) Ebullience. . Dispirited

(D) Dourness. . Undone

(E) Excessiveness. . Downcast

3. By the end of the campaign both candidates had resorted to ________ the other.

(A) Commending

(B) Denigrating

(C) Mollifying

(D) Conceding

(E) Swindling

4. The cat ________ crept across the lawn, gracefully ________ the dog.

(A) Felicitously. . Enticing

(B) Swiftly. . Defeating

(C) Acrobatically. . Apprehending

(D) Maladroitly. . Undermining

(E) Deftly. . Eluding

5. The storyteller՚s ________ anecdotes earned her the ________ attention of the crowd.

(A) Compelling. . Rapt

(B) Pointed. . Spellbound

(C) Moribund. . Lucid

(D) Poignant. . Abrasive

(E) Meandering. . Distracted

6. The bill became bogged down in a (n) ________ of contentious issues in a Senate subcommittee.

(A) Marsh

(B) Sequence

(C) Iota

(D) Conundrum

(E) Quagmire

7. The outcome of the race seemed ________ before the leader՚s misstep on the final leg gave her competitions a (n) ________ of winning the title.

(A) Dubious. . Prospect

(B) Inevitable. . Hope

(C) Indubitable. . Air

(D) Assured. . Expectation

(E) Partial. . Endeavor

8. Though the new pharmaceutical regime was intended to be beneficial, its actual effect was ________, a result the medical community ________.

(A) Harmful. . Heralded

(B) Abundant. . Castigated

(C) Fortuitous. . Ignored

(D) Detrimental. . Lamented

(E) Negative. . Projected

9. The life of the lightening bug is ________ to human eyes: They live only twenty-four hours.

(A) Ludicrous

(B) Ephemeral

(C) Epic

(D) Ecstatic

(E) Incandescent

10. The kangaroo species ________ in the new environment where there was an abundant supply of food and a (n) ________ of predators.

(A) Stagnated. . Excess

(B) Bolstered. . Paucity

(C) Exploded. . Abundance

(D) Flagged. . Absence

(E) Flourished. . Dearth

11. With her speech, the politician attempted to ________ the fears of the ________ citizens.

(A) Intensify. . Disingenuous

(B) Ignore. . Alarmed

(C) Assuage. . Concerned

(D) Quell. . Disaffected

(E) Exploit. . Serene

12. The fencing champion was ________ with her rapier, but in most other sports she was rather ________.

(A) Adroit. . Awkward

(B) Adept. . Lithe

(C) Tenacious. . Passable

(D) Incompetent. . Clumsy

(E) Deft. . Skillful