SAT Practice Test Paper 1 Section G Higher Questions and Answers

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Section - G

Time - 20 minutes

13 Questions


2. Given that , what is a positive integer that is less than ?

3. A phone company charges 40 cents for a completed long-distance phone call and 6 cents per minute on top of the initial fee. How much, in dollars, would a 30-minute long-distance phone call cost?

4. What is the least common multiple of 18 and 24?

5. If , then what is one integer value that cannot equal?

6. If the term in a series is generated by the equation , what is the eleventh term in the series?

7. Given P (3,2) and Q (3,6) , what is the -coordinate of the midpoint of the line segment defined by the midpoint of the line segment defined by these two points?

8. What is the length of the hypotenuse?

You Can Use Trigonometric Functions

9. What is the difference between the mean and the mean and the median of the number set {7, 4, 3,6, 2,2} ?

10. If line and line are perpendicular, line and line are perpendicular, and the slope of line is , what is the slope of line ?

11. If and , when

12. If a square is inscribed in a circle and the area of the square is eight, what is the longest distance that a straight line could be that originated and terminated on the circumference of the circle?

13. What is the integer that is between 999 and 1199 and satisfies these two conditions?