Upcoming SAT Exam Date 2017-18 (Download PDF)

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SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is the nation՚s most widely used college admission exam. This is a standardized test widely used for college admissions in the US. Here, the lists of upcoming SAT exam dates 2017 - 18 in US are as below.

SAT Test Dates 2017 - 18 (U. S.)

Table Contain Shows the SAT Test Dates 2017 - 18 (U. S.)
Test DateRegistration DeadlineLate RegistrationOnline Score Release
August 26,2017July 28,2017August 15,2017September 14,2017
October 7,2017September 8,2017September 27,2017October 27,2017
November 4,2017October 5,2017October 25,2017November 23,2017
December 2,2017November 2,2017November 21,2017December 21,2017
March 10,2018⚹⚹February 9,2018February 28,2018March 29,2018
May 5,2018April 6,2018April 25,2018May 24,2018
June 2,2018May 3,2018May 23,2018June 21,2018

⚹ Late registration deadline is one week earlier if you are registering by mail.

⚹⚹Regular SAT only.

Upcoming SAT Test Dates 2017 - 18 (International)

Table Contain Shows the Upcoming SAT Test Dates 2017 - 18 (International)
Test DateRegistration DeadlineOnline Score Release
October 7,2017September 8,2017October 27,2017
November 4,2017⚹October 5,2017November 23,2017
December 2,2017November 3,2017December 21,2017
March 10,2018⚹⚹February 9,2018March 29,2018
May 5,2018April 6,2018May 24,2018
June 2,2018⚹May 3,2018June 21,2018

⚹SAT Subject Tests only

⚹⚹Regular SAT only

Additional SAT Registration Fees

Table Contain Shows the Additional SAT Registration Fees
Registration TypeRegistration Fees
Late registration+ $ 29
Phone registration+ $ 15
Waitlist registration+ $ 49
Test change+ $ 29
Additional score report+ $ 12

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