Following Are the List of Useful Books for SCRA Exam 2021

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  1. Solved Papers & Mock Tess For SCRA Exam (Special Class Railway Apprentices ′ Examination) SCRA by Arihant-
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  3. SCRA Solved Papers (Special Class Railway Apprentices Exam) 2000 − 2014 by GKP-
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  5. The Pearson Guide To The SCRA Examination By Edgar Thorpe-
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  7. SCRA: Special Class Railway Apprentices Entrance Exam Guide By D V Chopra and Datason-
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  9. Scra Special Class Railway Apprentices By R. Gupta՚s
  10. Advances In Statistics, Combinatorics And Related Areas: Selected Papers From The Scra2001-Fim VIII, Procs Of The Wollongong Conference By R. Gupta
  11. Pearson Guide To The Scra Examination By Edgar Thorpe
  12. A Guidebook For SCRA Exam 2012 With Solve Papers By Sushil Verma-
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  14. Self Study Guide-SCRA Entrance Exam By RPH Editorial Board-
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  16. Special Class Railway Apprentices (S. C. R. A.) Examination By Pratiyogita Sahitya-
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