Commas: Practice Questions Andhra Pradesh PSC

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  1. This fishing pole Nathan, has seen better days.

    1. Pole, Nathan

    2. Has, seen

    3. Nathan

    4. No error

    Answer: a

  2. For the Thanksgiving reunion, relatives were sitting in the dining room, on the porch, and in the carport.

    1. Thanksgiving, reunion

    2. Were, sitting

    3. Porch

    4. No error

    Answer: d

  3. Llily seems to be a kind, considerate girl.

    1. Seems, to

    2. Considerate, girl

    3. Kind considerate

    4. No error

    Answer: d

  4. My cousin has moved to 56 Central Street Narragansett, Rhode Island 02882.

    1. Has moved

    2. Central Street

    3. 56, Central

    4. No error

    Answer: b

  5. The badger, a shy animal sometimes makes friends with a coyote.

    1. Sometimes, makes

    2. Friends, with

    3. A shy animal

    4. No error

    Answer: c

  6. After the death of Blackbeard, the famous pirate, piracy disappeared from the coast of the American colonies.

    1. The famous pirate

    2. After the death

    3. Coast, of

    4. No error

    Answer: d

  7. ‘Silent Night’ was written by two men from the village of Oberndorf Austria.

    1. men, from

    2. Silent Night

    3. Oberndorf, Austria

    4. No error

    Answer: c

  8. On November 19, 1929 Admiral Richard E. Byrd flew the Floyd Bennett to the base of the Queen Maud Mountains.

    1. Base, of

    2. The, Queen

    3. 1929

    4. no error

    Answer: c

  9. ‘The boy in the kayak,’ whispered Sue “is the new football captain.”

    1. Boy, in the

    2. New, football

    3. Whispered Sue

    4. No error

    Answer: c

  10. Oh I forgot to bring the cookies.

    1. Oh

    2. I, forgot

    3. To, bring

    4. No error

    Answer: a

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