Andhra Pradesh PSC: Grammar Intermediate Difficulty (Practice_Test 1 of 2)

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  1. There are now many kinds of dictionaries, such as a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms, a biographical dictionary, and a geographical dictionary with pronunciations given.

    1. with pronunciations given

    2. that has pronunciations given

    3. with pronunciations'given

    4. that have pronunciations given

    5. that do have pronunciations given

    Answer: a

  2. Towering seven hundred feet above the valley floor, Mount Rushmore National Memorial was an impressive site.

    1. was an impressive site

    2. is a impressive sight

    3. is an impressive sight

    4. was an impressive sight

    5. is an impressive site

    Answer: c

  3. San Francisco lays southwest of Sacramento.

    1. lays southwest

    2. has laid southwest

    3. is lying southwest

    4. lain southwest

    5. laid southwest

    Answer: e

  4. Did they know that Labor Day always came on the first Monday in September?

    1. came on

    2. comes on

    3. has come on

    4. had come on

    5. has came on

    Answer: b

  5. Eating, drinking, and to stay up late at night were among her pleasures.

    1. to stay up late

    2. to remain up late

    3. staying up late

    4. she liked staying up late

    5. trying to stay up late

    Answer: c

  6. Each night when night came and the temperature fell, my parents lit the fire in the bedroom.

    1. and the temperature fell

    2. and that the temperature did fall

    3. and that the temperature fell

    4. and because the temperature fell

    5. and when the temperature fell

    Answer: e

  7. Francis promised to bring the Papago basket that she bought in Arizona.

    1. bought in

    2. had bought in

    3. has bought in

    4. did buy in

    5. purchased in

    Answer: b

  8. He has lain his racquetball glove on the beach.

    1. has lain

    2. has laid

    3. have lain

    4. have laid

    5. is lying

    Answer: b

  9. I would have lent you my notes if you would have asked me.

    1. would have asked me

    2. could of asked

    3. could ask

    4. had asked

    5. had of asked

    Answer: d

  10. Many scientist are still hoping to have found life on another planet.

    1. to have found

    2. to find

    3. two find

    4. to have been found

    5. too have found

    Answer: b

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