Grammar Verbs: Practice Questions Andhra Pradesh PSC

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  1. Thomas Edison tried many filaments for his incandescent lamp.

    1. Many

    2. For his

    3. Filaments

    4. Tried

    Answer: d

  2. The interior temperatures of even the coolest stars are measured in millions of degrees.

    1. Coolest

    2. Of even

    3. Are measured

    4. In millions

    Answer: c

  3. The child's balloon was slowly rising into the sky.

    1. Rising

    2. Slowly

    3. Into

    4. Balloon

    Answer: a

  4. Jill sets the plates on the table.

    1. The

    2. Plates

    3. Table

    4. Sets

    Answer: d

  5. The shoes were still lying where Ethan had left them.

    1. Still

    2. Were

    3. Them

    4. Shoes

    Answer: b

  6. Several changes in classroom procedures were effected by the new principal.

    1. Changes

    2. In

    3. By

    4. Effected

    Answer: d

  7. The soaked papers were laid in the sunlight.

    1. Soaked

    2. Papers

    3. Laid

    4. In the

    Answer: c

  8. The letter from the teacher implied that the child was not turning in his work.

    1. From

    2. Not

    3. His

    4. Turning

    Answer: d

  9. Luke didn't mean to hurt you during the baseball game.

    1. Baseball

    2. During

    3. Joe

    4. Mean

    Answer: d

  10. Amber used to recite the alphabet in Chinese.

    1. The

    2. Alphabet

    3. He

    4. Recite

    Answer: d

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