Andhra Pradesh PSC: Sentence Completion Questions (Practice_Test 18 of 31)

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  1. Literary criticism has in recent years become increasingly ____; it is almost impossible for the non-literary person to understand its analyses.

    1. abstruse

    2. accessible

    3. colloquial

    4. wide-ranging

    5. professional

  2. The alchemists, though they are often supposed to have been ____ or confidence tricksters, were actually skilful technologists.

    1. empiricists

    2. polemicists

    3. pragmatists

    4. theorists

    5. charlatans

  3. Bullock carts and hand pumps seem ____ in a village whose skyline is dominated by telephone cables and satellite dishes.

    1. anachronisms

    2. exigencies

    3. diversions

    4. provocations

    5. portents

  4. A ____ child, she was soon bored in class; she already knew more mathematics than her junior school teachers.

    1. obdurate

    2. querulous

    3. precocious

    4. recalcitrant

    5. contemporary

  5. Stuart reveled in ____; he would never seek ____ until all possibilities for debate had been exhausted.

    1. altercation-clarification

    2. polemics-conciliation

    3. ambiguities-consolation

    4. asceticism-indulgence

    5. digressions-direction

  6. Turner claimed to paint what he saw; yet no painter ever departed further from close ____ or took more ____ with subjects.

    1. imitation-liberties

    2. observation-care

    3. definition-vagaries

    4. imagination-pains

    5. resemblance-trouble

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