History of USA 2001 Solved MCQs Andhra Pradesh PSC Set 1

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Q.1 The total number of the British Colonies founded in Colonial America were:

(a) Thirteen

(b) Fifteen

(c) Twenty

Answer : A

Q.2 The “Sons of Liberty” was formed in:

(a) 1765

(b) 1767

(c) 1776

Answer : A

Q.3 The Peace Treaty of American Independence in 1783 was signed in the city of:

(a) Philadelphia

(b) London

(c) Paris

Answer : C

Q.4 Which one of the following enjoys the title of “Father of American Constitution”:

(a) Jefferson

(b) Washington

(c) Madison

Answer : C

Q.5 The first Ten Amendments to the Constitution of US ratified in 1791 are known as:

(a) Bill of Constitution

(b) Bill of Rights

(c) Bill of Justice

Answer : B

Q.6 The first Secretary of State of US was:

(a) Hamilton

(b) Jefferson

(c) John Adams

Answer : B

Q.7 The Great Depression of 1929 lasted for:

(a) Three years

(b) Four years

(c) A decade

Answer : C

Q.8 The XYZ affairs took place between:

(a) US-England

(b) US- Russia

(c) US-France

Answer : C

Q.9 Cornwallis surrendered to the American and French troops at:

(a) Yorktown

(b) Gettysburg

(c) Saratoga

Answer : A

Q.10 The battle of Bull Run was fought in:

(a) The American War of Independence

(b) The American Civil War

(c) The US-Spanish War

Answer : B

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