History of USA 2004 Solved MCQs Andhra Pradesh PSC Set 2

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Q.11 “Common Sense” suggested:

(a) Reconciliation with England

(b) Commonwealth Status with England

(c) Protest against Parliament

(d) Rebellion against the King

Answer : D

Q.12 What Revolution in Europe was influenced most directly by American Revolution:

(a) Industrial Revolution

(b) French Revolution

(c) Glorious Revolution

(d) Puritan Revolution

Answer : B

Q.13 The First Bank of the United States was:

(a) A Private Corporation

(b) Government’s Institution

(c) City worker‟s operated

(d) Industrial management

Answer : C

Q.14 In 1800 most of the Americans were:

(a) Veterans

(b) Hunters

(c) Tradesmen

(d) Farmers

Answer : D

Q.15 “Muckrakers” were:

(a) Black city workers

(b) White Racists

(c) Journalists

Answer : C

Q.16 American Women got the right to vote in:

(a) 1865

(b) 1920

(c) 1945

Answer : B

Q.17 The United States gained Texas from:

(a) Mexico

(b) Spain

(c) France

(d) Great Britain

Answer : A

Q.18 Which is the fastest growing minority group in America:

(a) Blacks

(b) Asian Americans

(c) Red Indians

(d) Hispanics

Answer : D

Q.19 The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour in:

(a) December 1940

(b) December 1941

(c) December 1942

Answer : B

Q.20 The only President who was elected more than twice:

(a) George Washington

(b) Andrew Jackson

(c) Franklin

D. Roosevelt

Answer : C

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