History of USA 2005 Solved MCQs Andhra Pradesh PSC Set 1

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Q.1 Virgin Island were purchased from:

(a) Spain

(b) Denmark

(c) Portugal

Answer: B

Q.2 Rhode Island was _________ state to enter original 13 States which joined the Union.

(a) First

(b) Last

(c) Penultimate

Answer: B

Q.3 Philippine Islands were acquired by US in _________.

(a) 1909

(b) 1799

(c) 1899

Answer: C

Q.4 Puerto Rico ceded to US by _________.

(a) Spain

(b) Denmark

(c) Russia

Answer: A

Q.5 John Adams was _________ US President.

(a) Third

(b) Eleventh

(c) Twenty Fifth

(d) None of these

Answer: D

Q.6 Spain financed Westward voyage of Columbus in _________.

(a) 1492

(b) 1482

(c) 1472

Answer: A

Q.7 The Albany Congress (1754) was attended by delegates of _________ colonies.

(a) Thirteen

(b) Seven

(c) Eleven

Answer: B

Q.8 The Boston Massacre took place in _________

(a) 1763

(b) 1770

(c) 1773

Answer: B

(9) Oregon was acquired in _________.

(a) 1812

(b) 1839

(c) 1846

Answer: C

Q.10 The Gadsen purchase of 50,000 square mile of land was primarily for the construction of _________.

(a) University Town

(b) Railways

(c) Canals

Answer: B

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