General Studies: Important for Exam: Ancient Indian History MCQ Part 17

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Q. Which of the following was not a term for tax in the choler period?

(a) Ur

(b) Ugly

(c) Vary

(d) Ida

Q. Which of the following reigns has revealed the pit dwellings of the Neolithic people?

(a) Kashmir

(b) Bihar

(c) Rajasthan

(d) Orissa

Q. The term Udaan – Kitten in the Chula period referred to

(a) A body of administrative officers

(b) A group of villages

(c) Commercial; taxes

(d) Agricultural taxes

Q. The term ‘Vela Ngai’ and ‘languid’ in the context of Chula period referred to

(a) Religious texts

(b) Social castes

(c) Ranks of feudal lords

(d) Merchant guilds

Q. Who among the following were ruling in Bengal when the Chula emperor Narendra carried his arms up to the Ganga in North?

(a) Seas

(b) Pales

(c) Pratihara

(d) Ganges

Q. Which of the following was not a unit of state administration under the imperial Cholas?

(a) Ur

(b) Cottar

(c) Tina

(d) Mandalas

Q. The term “manigraman’ during the Cholas period denoted?

(a) An association of merchants

(b) A group of village officers

(c) An association of peasants

(d) An assembly of monks

Q. Who among the following side that the Indians were arrogant people and did not prefer to share their knowledge with others.

(a) Megasthenes

(b) Heian Tsang

(c) Alberuni

(d) Marco polo

Q. The Brihadesvar temple built by Raja at Tandoor is dedicated to

(a) Shiva

(b) Vishnu

(c) Krishna

(d) Dorgan

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