Andhra Pradesh PSC: History MCQs (Practice_Test 99 of 130)

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  1. Consider the following statements: In the 18th century, the khalsa was an organization whose aim was that

    1. Commonwealth of the Sikhs be a religious, military and political organization only.

    2. The administration of the khalsa and the clans must be a democratic one

    3. All the individual members had the same political, religious and social previlages

    4. Anything smaking of inequality must be discouraged

    Which of these statements are correct?

    1. 1 and 2

    2. 2 and 3

    3. 3 and 4

    4. 1, 2, 3 and 4

    Answer: d

  2. Consider the following events.

    1. Annexation of Udaipur

    2. Annexation of Jhansi

    3. Annexation of Punjab

    4. Annexation of Oudh

    The correct chronological sequence of these events is

    1. 3 − 4 − 2 − 1

    2. 2 − 1 − 3 − 4

    3. 2 − 4 − 3 − 1

    4. 3 − 1 − 2 − 4

    Answer: d

  3. The Archaeological survey of India was established during the period of

    1. Warren Hastings

    2. Lord Wellesley

    3. Lord Curzon

    4. William Bentinck

    Answer: c

  4. Peshwa Baji rao I obtained from Mughals the Subedars of

    1. Ahmed Nagar & Nagpur

    2. Malva and Bijapur

    3. Gujarat & Malwa

    4. Khandesh and Berar

    Answer: c

  5. The commercial objective of Portuguese in India was to

    1. Capture territories on the western Coast

    2. Capture trade of Textiles & Spices

    3. Oust Arabs & Persians from India's maritime trade

    4. Capture trade of Pepper & other Superior Spices

    Answer: d

  6. During the regin of Jahangir, the title of Nadir-ul-Asr was given to

    1. Mir Sayyid Ali

    2. AbdusSamad

    3. Abul Hasan

    4. Ustad Mansur

    Answer: d

  7. After a few years of the beginning of his rule, Alaudin Khalji pondered over the problem of public discontent and cause of revolt and discerned four reasons. Which one of the following reasons did not attract his attention?

    1. King was negligent & ignorant of the conditions of people

    2. Drinking Parties of Amirs were the breeding grounds for conspiracies.

    3. Excessive wealth gave both power & leisure for evil thought

    4. Bureaucratic oppression compelled the people to revolt against the king.

    Answer: d

  8. Which of the following Agrarian Measures was not adopted by Ghiyassiddin tughlaq?

    1. He discarded Measurement in favour of sharing

    2. The chiefs & headman of villages were given back their Pre-requisites.

    3. The basis of the demand by the Govt. Was to be hukur-i-hasil (in accordance yield) with enough Provision for crop failures.

    4. He made a large reduction in the scale of revenue fixed by Alauddin and brought it down to one-sixth of the gross produce.

    Answer: d

  9. In Bahamani Kingdom, Sad-i-Jahan was head of the dept. Of

    1. Revenue

    2. Foreign Matters

    3. Ecclesiastical & Judicial Matters

    4. Military Matters

    Answer: c

  10. which one of the following statements about Alauddin Khalji was not correct?

    1. Alauddin did not think it necessary to invoke the sanction of the Khalifa's name for strengthening his claims to Sovereignity.

    2. Alaudin's objective in styling himself as deputy of the Khalifa was not to pay homage to the Khalifa but only to keep the tradition of theoretical Caliphate alive.

    3. Alauddin adopted the title of Yamin-ul-Khalifa Nasir-i-Amir-ul Muminin to show himself as superior to Khalifa

    4. Alauddin was the first Sultan of Delhi to bring the Church under the control of the State.

    Answer: c

  11. There is an unprecedented increase in the member of Mansabdars during the reign of

    1. Akbar

    2. Jahangir

    3. Shahjahan

    4. Aurangazeb

    Answer: d

  12. ‘In each stage death is ready to claim her; by the poppy at its dawn by the flames in riper years’ Which of the following historians made the above observation about the Rajput woman?

    1. Crook

    2. Utbi

    3. Alberuni

    4. Tod

    Answer: d

  13. Which among the following was not the cause of continuous war between Cholas and Chalukyas of Kalyana?

    1. The economic factors

    2. Rivalry between the chalukyas of Kalyana & Chalukyas of Vengi

    3. Geo-political factors

    4. Rivalry to capture south India's Foreign trade with China and South-Eastern Asia.

    Answer: c

  14. The Mahdi movement during the reign of Islam Shah was lead by:

    1. Shaikh Hasan

    2. Shaikh Alai

    3. Makhdum-ul-Mulk

    4. Mir Sayyid Muhammad

    Answer: b

  15. consider the following statements related to the revolt of 1857?

    1. The rebels did not have a definite political perspective

    2. Zeenat Mahal negotiated with the British to secure her safety

    3. Maulani Ahmadullah provided leadership to the rebels

    4. The rebels failed because of betrayal of the central leadership.

    Which of these statements are correct?

    1. 1, 4

    2. 2, 4

    3. 1, 2, 3

    4. 1, 2, 4

    Answer: c

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