General Studies: Important for Exam: Indian History MCQ Part 26

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Q. Match the location of the following Harappan sites:

Match the Location of the Following Harappan Sites
Match the location of the following Harappan sites

List - I

List - II

A. Ropar

1. Uttar Pradesh

B. Alamgirpur

2. Punjab

C. Kalibangan

3. Gujarat

D. Dholavira

4. Rajasthan

E. Pinwale

5. Haryana

(a) 2 1 5 3 5

(b) 1 2 3 4 5

(c) 2 1 3 4 5

(d) 2 3 1 5

Q. The date of the Harappan civilization (2300 – 1850 BC) has been fixed on the basis of:

(a) Pottery design

(b) Stratification

(c) Aryan invasion

(d) Radiocarbon dating

(e) Its links with other contemporary civilization’s

Q. Most of the large Harappan town’s had fortifications which served the purpose of:

(a) Safety from robbers

(b) Protection against cattle raiders

(c) Protection again floods

(d) All the above

Q. Cereal (s) grown by the people of the Harappan civilization was / were:

(a) Wheat

(b) Rice

(c) Millet

(d) Alley

(e) All the above

Q. Which of the following statements about the Harappan or Indus script is not correct?

(a) The script does not bear any close resemblance to any known script

(b) It uses pictures of animate and in animate objects along with linear signs

(c) It was written from left to right

(d) Russian and Finnish scholars and Dr. S. R. Rao have made claims to have deciphered the scripts

(e) The Indus is still a mystery

Q. The utensils of the Indus Valley people were mainly made of:

(a) Clay

(b) Copper

(c) Bronze

(d) Brass

Q. Which of the following metals was not known to the Indus valley people?

(a) Gold

(b) Silver

(c) Lead

(d) Bronze

(e) Brass

Q. Which of the following objects was not worshipped by the Indus Valley people?

(a) Mother Goddess

(b) Pasupathi Shiva

(c) Trees such as Pipal and acacia

(d) Serpents and animals

(e) Trimetric

Q. At which of the following Harappan sites having a supposed dockyard been found?

(a) Kalibangan

(b) Lethal

(c) Sutkagendor

(d) Sitka Kilo

Q. The economy of the Indus Valley people was based on:

(a) Agriculture

(b) Trade and commerce

(c) Crafts

(d) All the above

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