General Studies: Important for Exam: Medieval Indian History MCQ Part 46

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Q. The main arm of the Mughal military force was

(a) Footsoliders

(b) Cavalry

(c) Artillery

(d) Elephants

Q. Which one of the following buildings has been regarded as the intermediate link between Sultanate tomb making and Mughal tomb making?

(a) Sheer Shah’s mausoleum at Sitaram

(b) The tomb of Rani Spire at Ahmadabad

(c)The tombs of the Lodi Sultans

(d) The Eklakhi tomb of Sultan Jalal Uddin Muhammad Shah of Bengal.

Q. What is the correct chronological Sequences of the arrival of the European trading powers in India?

(a) Portuguese – Dutch – English – French

(b) Portuguese – English – Dutch – French

(c) Portuguese – Dutch – French – English

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