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Successive Percent (Percent of Percent): 3 Types of Problems

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Image of Object of Percent

Image of Object of Percent

If salary is first decreased by m% and then decreased by n%, find the percentage change in salary.

If salary is first increased by m% and then increased by n%, find the percentage change in salary.

Aasha spends 50% of monthly income on household items and of the remaining- 50% on transport, 25% on entertainment, 10% on sports. If she saves Rs. 900 every month, find her income.

In an election with two candidates, 20% votes were declared invalid. Winner who got 70% of valid votes won by 9600 votes. Find the no of invalid votes.

In an election between Ben and Pal participated, voters promised to vote for Ben and rest to vote for Pal. On the voting day, 15% of the total voters went back on their promise to vote for Ben and 25% of the total voters went back on their promise to vote for Pal. Find the total no of voters, if Pal wins by 750 votes.

% qualified students to total appeared students from school ‘X’ is 80%. Number of appeared students for school ‘Y’ is 25% more than school ‘X’. Number of qualified students from school Y is 40% more than school ‘X’. Find percentage of qualified students to appeared student from school ‘Y’?

In a survey, 40% households had 2 or more people. Of the households with one person, 20% had only a male member. What is the percentage of all houses with exactly one female and no males?

A fair price shopkeeper takes 10% profit on his goods. He also lost 20% of goods in a theft. Find his loss %.

A manufacturer sold his goods to whole seller at 25% profit and the whole seller sells it to retailer at 20% profit and the retailer sold it to customer at 28% profit. Then find the cost price of goods for manufacturer if customer purchase it at Rs. 9600.

The population of a town increased by % first year and decreased by % in second year but in third year it increased by %. Find the present population if after three years the population becomes 1, 81,5 00.

A man lost half of his initial amount in the gambling after playing three rounds. The rule of gambling is that if he wins he will receive Rs. 100, but he has to give 50% of his total amount after each round. Luckily, he wins all the three rounds. Find the initial amount that he had.

Next Class- Difficult % Problems

A, B, C, D purchase a pen for Rs. 5600000 the share of B + C + D is 460% of A and the share of A + C + D is 366.66% of B and the share of C is 40% of A + B + D. Find the share of D?

A train has as many wagons as seats in each wagon. One of the wagons carrying 25 persons is filled to % of its capacity. Find the maximum number of passengers that can be accommodated, if minimum 20% seats are always vacant?

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