Andhra Pradesh PSC: Computer Terminology C to D

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The intersection of each row and column in a spreadsheet. Example: Cell B5, Cell A202

Cell range

A continuous group of connected cells in a spreadsheet Center align Placement of test OR graphics in the center of a Word processing page or cell of a spreadsheet or table

Central Processing Unit CPU

Electronic circuits that interpret and execute instructions and communicates with the input, output, and storage devices.

Clip art

Drawings you can add to your documents, including cartoons, maps, symbols, and flags. Clip art comes with some programs or can be purchased separately.

Communication Software

Provides the tools for connecting one computer with another to enable sending and receiving information and sharing files and resources.

Compact Disc

A disc on which a laser has digitally recorded information such as audio, video, or computer data.


An electronic device that operates under the control of a set of instructions that is stored in its memory unit. It accepts data from an input device and processes it into useful information, which it makes available on its output device.


To make an exact duplicate of information in your document, so you can place the copy in another location of your document.

Copyright Laws

Law that exist to protect those who create a new idea or product CPU (Central Processing Unit) The brain of the computer or central processing unit. The main chip that allows computers to do millions of calculations per second and makes it possible for users to write letters and balance your checkbook.


The flashing vertical line on the screen that indicates where the next character will be typed.


Raw unprocessed facts to be processed by the computer.

Database file

A collection of individual records in a database


To erase a letters, word paragraph or cell contents. Use either the BACKSPACE key (erases to the left) or the

DELETE key (Erases to the right)

Delete key A key used to erase characters to the right of the cursor.

Descending Order

One of two ways to sort a database. Numbers are arranged from largest to smallest. Text is arranged in reverse alphabetical order (Z to A) (See Ascending Order)


The background on the windows, menus, and dialog boxes on a PC. It is designed to represent a desk.

Desktop Publishing

Using features of word processing to format and produce more sophisticated documents with graphics and text, such as flyer, brochures, or newsletters.