Mosque, Cathedral, Temple, Museum, Ocean, Palace, Peninsula, Place

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Mosque, Cathedral, Temple

  • Biggest Mosque (India): Jama Masjid (Delhi)

  • Largest Mosque: Umayyad Mosque covering an area of 3.76 acres. Damascus, Syria.

  • Largest Cathedral: Diocese of New York 11,240 sq.m.

  • Largest Temple: Angkor Vat. 162.6 ha area, built for Lord Vishnu by Khmer King Suryavarman-II during 1113-50 A.D. (Cambodia)


  • Largest Museum (India) Indian Museum (Kolkata)

  • Largest Museum (World) American Museum of Natural History, New York city. It comprises 19 inter- connected buildings with 23 acres of floor space.


Deepest, Largest & Biggest the Pacific Ocean


Biggest Palace (World) Vatican Palace, Rome (Italy)


Largest Peninsula (World) Arabia


  • Hottest Place (India) Barmer (Rajasthan)

  • Hottest Place (World) Aziza (Libya) 58OC

  • Coldest Place (World) Verkhoyansk (Siberia) –85O

  • Driest Place Death Valley (California)

  • Heaviest Rain Fall (World) Mawsynram (Meghalaya)


  • Highest Plateau Pamir (Tibet)

  • Largest Park Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta, Canada (17,560 Sq. miles)


  • Largest, Biggest & heaviest Jupiter

  • Planet

  • Smallest Planet: Mercury

  • Brightest Planet: Venus

  • Coldest Planet: Pluto

  • Planet Farthest (from the Sun): Pluto

  • Planet Nearest (to the Sun): Mercury

  • Dustiest Planet: Mars (Red Planet)


The Longest Play: The Mouse-Trap (Agatha Christie’s Novel)


Longest Poem of the World: Mahabharata


  • Largest Country in Population (World) China

  • Largest State in Population (India) Uttar Pradesh (India)

  • Densiest State in Population West Bengal (India)

  • Smallest State in Population Sikkim (India)

  • Smallest Union Territory in Population Lakshadweep (India)


  • Longest Railway (World) Tran-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Nakhodka, 9438 km.

  • Longest Railway (Asia) India

  • Fastest Train (World) French T.G.V.

  • Longest Railway Station (India) Kharagpur (W.B.)

  • Longest Railway Platform (India) Sonepur (Bihar)

  • Longest Railway Route Himsagar Express

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