Andhra Pradesh PSC: Fields of Scientific Studies M

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Fields of Scientific Study: M

  • Mammalogy: Study of mammals
  • Manege: The art of horsemanship
  • Mariology: Study of the virgin mary
  • Martyrology: Study of martyrs
  • Mastology: Study of mammals
  • Mathematics: Study of magnitude, number, and forms
  • Mazology: Mammalogy; study of mammals
  • Mechanics: Study of action of force on bodies
  • Meconology: Study of or treatise concerning opium
  • Melittology: Study of bees
  • Mereology: Study of part-whole relationships
  • Mesology: Ecology
  • Metallogeny: Study of the origin and distribution of metal deposits
  • Metallography: Study of the structure and constitution of metals
  • Metallurgy: Study of alloying and treating metals

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