Sagarmala Scheme: Most Important Topic For 2020 Andhra Pradesh PSC

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  • The Sagarmala Programme is an initiative by the government of India to enhance the performance of the country’s logistics sector. The programme envisages unlocking the potential of waterways & the coastline to minimize infrastructural investments required to meet these targets.

  • Vision of the Sagarmala Programme is to reduce logistics cost for EXIM & domestic trade with minimal infrastructure investment.

  • This includes:

    • Reducing cost of transporting domestic cargo through optimizing modal mix

    • Lowering logistics cost of bulk commodities by locating future industrial capacities near the coast

    • Improving export competitiveness by developing port proximate discrete manufacturing clusters

    • Optimizing time/cost of EXIM container movement

Sagarmala Scheme

Sagarmala Scheme

Components of Sagarmala Programme Are

  • Port Modernization & New Port Development: De-bottlenecking & capacity expansion of existing ports & development of new Greenfield ports

  • Port Connectivity Enhancement: Enhancing the connectivity of the ports to the hinterland, optimizing cost & time of cargo movement through multi-modal logistics solutions including domestic waterways (inland water transport and coastal shipping)

  • Port-linked Industrialization: Developing port-proximate industrial clusters & Coastal Economic Zones to reduce logistics cost & time of EXIM & domestic cargo

  • Coastal Community Development: Promoting sustainable development of coastal communities through skill development & livelihood generation activities, fisheries development, coastal tourism etc.

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