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Understanding Pressure - Vertical, Horizontal Distribution & Measurement in Climatology

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Climatology Pressure

  • Wind and atmospheric pressure both are important controlling factors of Earth’s weather and climate.

  • Wind exists because of horizontal and vertical differences (gradients) in pressure.

Image of Climatology Pressure

Image of Climatology Pressure

Vertical Distribution

  • At the lower layer of the atmosphere:

    • Density of air and the atmospheric pressure is high.

    • Atmospheric pressure decreases with increasing height.

  • Troposphere the rate of decrease in air pressure is 34 mb for every 300 m of height.

  • The various layers include troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere and thermosphere

Temperature profile of atmosphere across various layers

Temperature Profile of Atmosphere

Horizontal Distribution (At Sea Level)

The various winds discussed are:

  • Northeast Trade winds

  • South westerlies

  • Polar easterlies

Cells of easterlies and westerlies in both hemispheres

Cells of Easterlies and Westerlies

Image of High And Low Pressure Systems

Image of High and Low Pressure Systems


  • It is an instrument measuring atmospheric pressure.

  • Used especially in forecasting weather and determining altitude.

Understanding barometer

Understanding Barometer

Aneroid Barometer

  • A device for measuring atmospheric pressure without the use of fluids.

Image of pressure guage

Pressure Guage

Mercury Barometer

  • In that, atmospheric pressure balances a column of mercury.

  • The height of which can be exactly measured.

Image of Mercury Barometer

Image of Mercury Barometer

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